What to do if I find a lost dog?

Have you found a lost dog? Do you think it could belong to someone but you don’t know how to act?

In this article, we want to show solidarity with all those lost or abandoned dogs.

If you have also found a lost dog and do not know what to do, calm down, we will explain some steps you can take to try to return the animal to its owner, if possible.

Read on to know what you should do if you find a lost dog in the street.

Steps to follow

Many people find an abandoned dog and do not know exactly what they should do, so they prefer not to act. Diseases, a bite or extra responsibility are not easy to assume.

However, if you are worried about the dog, you have found you should try to help him, as much as possible. We will start by approaching the dog and trying to see if it has a chip or identification plate.

What to do if I find an abandoned dog?

  1. Approach the dog and be calm, if you chase him or try to corner him, most likely he will show you his teeth.
  2. Get down a little. If the dog looks at you too high, it can scare him.
  3. Offer food or speak softly. This is a good way to start a relationship, and if he is hungry, he will probably accept the food without a problem.
  4. Try to take it gently or attract it to you. You can talk to him without showing his teeth or staring at him. You can even try to put yourself aside, yes, never turn your back if you don’t know him.
  5. Try to make a loop with a rope, as if it were a hanging or semi-hanging necklace. It is useful so that it does not escape, but be careful, it could be harmed and even drowned. Wear it only he gets calm.
  6. Go to the vet. Only the specialist can read the chip that has the name and contact details of the owner. Remember that the veterinarian has an obligation to read the microchip for free.
  7. If the animal does not have a chip and you prefer to keep it in your home while looking for its owners, we recommend using free portals or social networks to find its owners.
  8. Finally, if staying at home is not a viable option, we recommend you go to animal shelters where volunteers try to find them a home. You can do it by calling 112.

Applicable Regulations

Below we offer you information on the regulations about some countries. If you have doubts about the applicable law, the most convenient thing is that you review the state regulations of the country in which you are.


Although in Spain there are serious administrative sanctions (up to €20,000) for mistreating an animal, it is true that the sacrifice of dogs is still allowed. The most advanced autonomous community in Catalonia that for years prohibited the sacrifice. For this reason, if you live in Catalonia and find yourself an abandoned dog, you can call the Urban Guard or the CAACB (Center d’Acollida d’Animals de Barcelona).

Madrid has joined the Catalan initiative of zero sacrifices, and on March 13, 2015, the ban was unanimously voted. A work period has been opened to apply this law.


Mexico is the biggest country as per most dog sacrifices here per year. There are many people who neither identify their pets with a chip nor take care of them (70% are given away or abandoned before their 2nd birthday). We must make the population aware of Rabies. Many dogs are condemned to a terrible death in abandoned places.

There are monetary and prison sanctions (up to 4 years) for those who mistreat an animal, although after being rescued, many are sacrificed.


Colombia was one of the most advanced Latin American countries in terms of animal protection. In 2011, they even had transport for the movement of dogs to the shelters. In 2013, Mayor Ramiro Orlando Ramirez prompted to sacrifice all the lost animals that roamed the streets.

Today there are more than 800,000 homeless pets, and abandonment seem to be the daily bread. Fortunately, on March 24, 2015, sanctions of up to 40 million pesos were approved for those who mistreat animals. They have also provided jail sentences.

What do you think?

Written by Martin Schwartz

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