The growing demand for pet-friendly workplaces

Dog lovers already know that the presence of a pet can reduce stress at home. Research has shown that they reduce cortisol, the stress hormone, and help lower blood pressure. What if we say that now you can bring your dog to your office daily and even your boss will allow you to take your dog with yourself.

Virginia Commonwealth University conducted a study to see if the same thing happens in the Workplace or not. And the results were mind-blowing; they found that employees with access to dogs maintained lower levels of cortisol than their dog-free co-workers. And for dog lovers, this research is something extra ordinary. After this research, many big or muti international companies allowed their employees to take their dog in office with them.

At Workplace, dogs can also increase productivity, improve morale, and motivate employees. In short, it is excellent for both employees and employers to have their dogs in the office.

“It’s good for the work environment having a dog in the office,” said Marie-José Enders, who studied the relationship between animals and humans at the Open University. “Not only your cortisol level decreases when you caress a dog; it also produces more oxytocin hormone, which makes a person feel more relaxed and peaceful.”

Employers of Ben & Jerry’s, Bank of America, Amazon and the Federal Department of the Interior are among a small number of major U.S. companies that recognize the benefits of pets in the Workplace, allowed employees to bring their pets to work, Obviously with specific rules and restrictions.

Executive recruiter Brita Altig brings her Golden Retriever, Charlie, to work with her at Amazon’s Seattle headquarters every day. The amazingly dog-friendly campus features an on-site dog park, a dog deck on the 17th floor complete with a fake fire hydrant and several accessible water fountains for puppies.

“Dogs help create a delightful sense of community and provide comic relief throughout the day,” Altig told USA Today.

Image Source: Lakhta Center

In addition to her adorable antics, Lara Hirschfield, Amazon’s “Woof Pack” manager, says the approximately 6,000 staff dogs also help bring humans together. With a company as big as Amazon, it’s hard to meet your co-workers, but according to Hirschfield:

“Dogs in the Workplace are an unexpected mechanism for connection. I see the Amazonians meeting in our lobbies or elevators every day because of their dogs.”

Image Source: Amazon Facebook

At the headquarters of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream company in South Burlington, Vermont, employees love their dogs “almost as much as their ice creams.” With about thirty- forty”K9 – 5ers” on the payroll (or more accurately, roll-roll), this great and fun Workplace never get a boring moment.

Image Source: Ben & Jerry

Lindsay Bumps works in PR department for Ben & Jerry’s where her 6-year-old French Bulldog, Spock accompany her. The little dog is so dedicated to his work, weekends and holidays stress him out!

“Occasionally, on Saturday mornings, my dog sits by the front door while I enjoy my coffee sitting on the couch. He gets ready for work before me and says, ‘Hey, mom let’s go!, Bumps says. If we are on vacation for an extended period, Spock drags me to the front door on our first day back. Since it weighs only 25 pounds (ca. 11 kilogram), it’s entertaining that he tries to drag me into the office.”

While having your favorite furry friend by your side at work may sound like a dream come true, it takes a little effort to prevent it from becoming a nightmare for your co-workers. Dr. Liz Stelow, a veterinary behavior specialist at the University of California-Davis, said making sure your dog is happy and relaxed in the office is key to bypassing interruptions.

“What if the dog is  afraid of strangers, doesn’t get along with other dogs, or gets territorial on his bed, or is he being sarcastic when he has a gift? What if it becomes noisy or destructive when it is ignored? “Stelow’s question.

The Day of Taking Dog to Work was celebrated on June 21.

Tell us in comments, Do you also take your dogs at work? And share your experience.

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Written by Martin Schwartz

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