The 10 largest dog breeds in the world

Size and strength of dogs is necessary characteristics to be an efficient hunter and a fearsome protector in the past. But today, with the current lifestyle, many people prefer a medium or small pet, although there are still those who are irresistible. Their elegance and fur are peculiarities of these races.

Here is a list of the 10 biggest dogs in the world. You will be fascinated!

Caucasian shepherd

Strong bones, muscular and stable temperament, these dogs reach more than 70 centimeters, which is their minimum height. They are the most famous breed in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia and other countries where grazing and security are a staple.

English mastiff 

The loyalty of the English Mastiff is admirable. Its weight is around 120 kilos. They are long-lived dogs so that they will accompany you a lifetime. Its measurements: 70-80 cm high and 80-100 kg in weight. Its coat is short, and its colour may vary, but its ears, snout and nose will always be black.


Newfoundland was raised to be the companion of fishermen. This breed belongs to Canada. It has an impressive muscular structure. Newfoundland is an innate swimmer. They have webbed feet and thick fur.


This breed is known as a guard dog and perfect for grazing, but its main attraction is its fur, its height is between 65 and 90 cm.


It is a hunting dog breed, and it originally belongs to the highlands of Scotland. Its strength is to hunt any animal that comes in its way; its fidelity and character make it the best company. Of course, they have to exercise a lot, and they are VERY active dogs.

Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard is a breed of huge working dog from the western Alps in Italy and Switzerland. They were originally bred for rescue purpose.

Its height can exceed 80 centimeters. Regarding care: it requires a lot of cleaning, especially in eyes and ears, since they are prone to infections.

Black Russian Terrier 

It is a police dog. It is known as “Stalin’s dog,” it is a guardian breed. Their average height is 76 cm, but are quite slender, weighing about 50 kilos. His intelligence is one of his great strengths. 

Great Dane

This breed became VERY famous after the cartoon Scooby-Doo gave us a real idea of ​​its size. They have a delicate personality, are friendly and don’t shy at all. Their height can be 85 to 90 centimeters. 


Its origins come from Germany and Switzerland. Its height can vary since it depends on gender. The males between 72 to 80 cm and the females 67cm to 72 cm. This breed name is in honour of an animal painter, Edwin Landseer, who painted several paintings where these dogs rescue children from the water.


This breed belongs to Turkey. It is a guard dog and fights with wolves, bears and jackals to care for the flock. Not only is he protective of animals, but he is also a very familiar dog. He is very gentle with children. They measure a maximum of 76 centimetres and weigh 60 kilos.

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Written by Martin Schwartz

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