Tennessee veteran who lost leg in Iraq adopts the funniest 3-Legged Dog ever

Most people do not like to share their pains and issues with other people because they believe that nobody else can feel their real pain.

But what if a person shares his pain with someone who is already suffering in the same situation. Many people lie to share their sad moments with their pets. And they feel comfortable in this scenario.

The same thing happened with a military veteran.

Joshua Ferguson, found a great new best friend when he decided to adopt a dog named Scooter, a dog having three legs, who had been rescued in Tennessee, U.S. South.

Joshua was an active military veteran who lost his leg during an explosion in the Gulf War in Iraq, adopted a dog from the Humane Society of Dickson County in Dickson, Tennessee. The puppy, he said, makes him smile.

“It’s impossible not to smile around him,” Joshua said. “Everyone is so happy to see it. They realize it has three legs.”… You’re glad you loved seeing him. Don’t pity him! “

Scooter was found in a forest while having a badly injured leg.

Vets believe that the dog’s leg got stuck in something, and it remains here for a long time, and this would definitely be the hard period for the dog, as because of continuous pressure on the leg, the injury got much worse with every hour passing, and the time when dog got rescued, the leg was not curable, so they had to eliminate the seriously injured leg of Scooter.

Joshua lost his leg when he and four other soldiers were in a truck that passed over a planted explosive device. Sadly, he ended up losing his leg in the explosion, it was one of the greatest sad moment in his life, but still, Joshua remains grateful that none of the soldiers lost their lives that day.

“There are silver linings to anything,” Joshua said. “You can find something. And even if you can’t, somebody’s had it worse, so just stop complaining.”

Joshua and Scooter spend a great time of day together in doing many things that they can do together. Both of them join in playing, doing yoga, and exploring the park. Most importantly, Scooter keeps Joshua’s hopes when times get tough. “It makes it easier for me to remember that, hey, it’s still a beautiful day,” Ferguson said. “You realise really just how tremendous a journey life is.”

Joshua found a great friend of life as Scooter. Scooter become an inspiration for Joshua. Both the man and dog are suffering from the same pain. The man has one leg, and the dog has three legs, Both miss one of their legs. But still, they didn’t lose hope and are ready to face the world together and have decided to spend a happy life together.

Watch the clip to see why this dog is more than just this man’s best friend.

3-Legged Dog Adopted by Vet Who Lost Leg in Iraq

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Written by Martin Schwartz

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