Stray Dog Was Kicked by Man, So He Returned with His Gang of Friends to Take Revenge by destroying his car

Some people consider it right to neglect and physically torture the animals that are part of our lives.

The reasons why people do this kind of things, some do so to feel more powerful, and others do so because they don’t consider animals as human or because some enjoy seeing another being harmed.

On the other hand, animal abusers are not caught and punished enough for their actions as they should have been, and this makes life look so unfair.

In this case, a man in China stopped at his usual parking spot and suddenly discovered that there was a stray dog. What he did was unbelievable.

Instead of trying to move the dog without force, he came out and kicked him. This way, he got his parking spot the way he wanted.

However, after a while, the dog was returned to the park with his friends, and the first thing that they did attack the man’s car. This scene was filmed by a neighbor over there.

It is believed that the man kicked the dog out of his home in Chongqing, this instead of simply honking or driving away from the dog.

In addition to this, violence reproduces violence. And that’s what the dog did; he gave back the man in kind. They chewed the car’s frame, the windshield wipers and anything else they could do.

What do you think?

Written by Martin Schwartz

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