[Video] Soldier Nervous To Be Reunited With a Dog he adopted in Iraq On Live TV! He Opens the Cage To See If She Recognizes Him

We all know there is a war situation in Iraq, and American soldiers are there in a war zone, far from their home, family, and relatives.

It’s not easy to stay so far from family when there is no such guarantee to return home. In such a situation, a little animal can even be your whole family and your hope.

Nick Pierzchalski was kept busy in the Army National Guard carrying wounded soldiers for treatment. While this was more than a duty for Nick, as he was glad to be able to save his co soldiers, it was sometimes emotionally challenging and affected his morals considerably.

Luckily for Nick, relief came from an unexpected spot. While assigned in Iraq, a stray dog found her way to Nick and quickly became his friend. The little dog had no other family or companions in the war zone. He and his fellow soldiers were enthusiastic about their companion and did their best to provide the dog, whom they called Airys, the best shelter they could give to the situation. 

Nick did a great job taking care of a little dog. He built his own Airys kennel in the base hangar. For Nick, Airys was a light of hope when many lost everything. They were an inseparable duo!

Nick was crushed to have to leave his animal friend in Iraq when it came time to go back to Florida. He decided that he would somehow get it back and retain it safe in the USA no matter what he had to do about all this. Nick was eventually able to bring his excellent mate by the ASPA International.

Nick and the organization struggled hard to bring Airys back to the United States and to a pleasant and secure place, where they could spend their lives together.

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A local news station was following the meeting and recorded everything that happened. It had been a while since the two had seen each other and Nick was worried that she wouldn’t remember. Airys was delighted to be in a new country as she walked off the plane in her dog carrier while Nick waited tensely.

As he left its cage, she immediately directed to Nick, and small groans of happiness were heard, as fellows could be together for the first time in months.

What was captured that day was so beautiful and unforgettable. It’s a true story of a hero’s perseverance and love for his buddy who led him to war. What would you do to meet an old friend like Airys?

We all hope that Airys and Nick have a great life together in Florida.

Here is the full Video

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