Rescued Pit Bull “Obsessed” With Cats Finally Gets A Kitten Of His Own!

Some dogs don’t like cats, but some dogs are so friendly that they would be friends with almost any animal they know.

This Pit Bull, named Bubba. He is a friendly dog. But still, some people don’t like this breed and believe it is a scary dog breed. But actually, Bubba is lovely and kind.

Image Source: Instagram : the_bubbstagram

Image Source: Instagram : the_bubbstagram

Bubba was adopted by her mother, Rebecca Pizzello, from a shelter in Phoenix, Arizona, six years ago. Bubba was only three months old. At the same time, Rebecca’s roommate rescued a few kittens. So Bubba grew up with those kittens until they were mature enough to be adopted by someone.

“Since then, Bubba has had an infinite affection for cats, literally obsessed. I always knew he would love to have his own pet cat, but I needed to wait until we shift to New York.”

Bubba had always wanted a kitten of his own. Then Rebecca sent requests to adopt a cat. Weeks later, Brooklyn Animal Action called her and informed her that a kitten was looking for a home forever.

Then, without further delay, Rebecca took the kitten home and gave her a name Rue.

Image Source: Instagram : bubbalovesrue

And just as Rebecca expected, Bubba was so excited when Rebecca got home with a new cat. Bubba instantly fell in love with the new kitten.

Image Source: Instagram : bubbalovesrue

The two joined instantly, and since then, were inseparable.

Image Source: Instagram : bubbalovesrue

They love to snuggle up and sleep together

Image Source: Instagram : bubbalovesrue

Bubba cares about Rue as if he were his father!

Image Source: Instagram : bubbalovesrue

You can see, Rue loves Bubba so much!

You can see more photos of Bubba and Rue by following them on Instagram!

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Written by Martin Schwartz

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