Proud sausage dog poses with her newborn puppies for an adorable photo shoot

It’s too much! We’ve done many photo shoots with our dogs. We also did a wish list photo shoot with our older dog, Bruiser. We can never have enough professionally made photos of dogs framed and hung throughout the house.

What we haven’t done (but will do it now) is a newborn-style photoshoot with puppies! We wouldn’t have a chance to do this as we don’t currently have puppies, but this is adorable.

Can we talk about the little knitted hats? These puppies maybe a little older now, but this photoshoot will never become old!

“Mia’s owner, Monica Sanchez, 35, said she decided to do the photoshoot for her son.”

“I didn’t have dogs or puppies growing up,” McAllen, Texas said. “And I wanted my son to see that. I’m crazy to capture moments.”

These sausage dogs or wiener dog puppies are fabulous when it comes to cuteness.

If a newborn-style photoshoot isn’t your thing, what about a maternity photoshoot with a pregnant dog? This would be so beautiful! I have a weak spot in my heart for the dachshund puppies clearly, but a photoshoot of newborns with any breed of puppies (Corgi, pug, chihuahua …) would be delightful.

These little sausages are likely to grow into fun dogs, as our sausage dogs are total clowns. They’re such adorable dogs.

What’s impressive is the proud sausage dog poses for this photo session! A mother of sausage dogs so proud, look at that expression.

Hats made for those newborn puppies should be sold online.

What do you think?

Written by Martin Schwartz

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