Cute Dog Gives Free Hugs To Strangers In New York City


A little over a decade ago, YouTube video went viral of a man who doled out free hugs with strangers on the street. This seemed to trigger hugging movements, and one person even started a Free Hugs project to spread love through hugs while raising awareness of social issues. Now, a cute dog is ready … Read more

Lucky Pup Survives Getting Carried Away By A Flying Predator


We all can relate to this situation. It’s time for your puppy to go to the bathroom, so you let it out. A few minutes pass, so you call your pup. But imagine the fear if your little lover didn’t come back. For a dog lover, this scary tale came true. In Arizona, a sturdy … Read more

5 Tips For Building An Unbreakable Bond With An Adult Rescue Dog


Often puppies are the first choice when it comes to adopting a new pet as a family member, but the fate of old dogs are not like puppies. They have been neglected for reasons like their size and appearance, and many adopters have decided not to adopt adult dogs because they think that a great … Read more

Four Boys Save Skinny Abandoned Dog Tied With Bungee Cords


Dogs are great. They are such lovely faithful animals that it is heartbreaking to hear about anything wrong happening to them. But unfortunately, many sad stories are circulating online about dogs abuse. When it comes to stray dogs, it’s almost impossible not to want to step in and help. Here’s how the story happened. It’s … Read more

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