Mother loses temper at service dog Trainer after she refuses to let her 2-year-old daughter pet the pooch

A mother has been scrutinized after a video of her raging  against a dog trainer for not allowing her little daughter to pet a service dog gone viral all over the media.

At the altercation filmed on December 19, Megan Stoff was with a golden retriever, Nala, at a mall in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, when a mother and her young daughter approached them. 

Asked can her little daughter pet the dog, Megan and a co-worker said ‘no’ to the mother, like petting a service dog can interfere with training. 

Supposedly, just a few minutes later, after leaving, the woman returned furiously and began yelling at Megan and her co-workers. 

Mother goes off at service dog handler after daughter petting plea is refused

Meghan decided to start filming the explosion, and since then the clip has been viewed more than four million times. 

The mother says, ‘It was insulting how she spoke to me.

“First of, you should have a signal [saying not to touch the dog], and secondly, she shouldn’t have said “no,” she could have said “sorry, the dog is training,” that would have been nicer.”

Megan tells the woman to leave, and points out that Nala’s vest has the words’ Please don’t pet me, I’m working’, written on both sides, along with ‘Don’t touch’ and ‘Don’t pet.’ 

She adds that it is illegal to ‘harass a service dog.’  

Expressing contempt for the way they were told ‘no,’ the mother soon realizes that she is being filmed and tensions rise even more when she threatens to call her lawyer. 

The mother continues: ‘You’re recording without my consent.

“It’s illegal, and I’m going to call my lawyer instantly.”  

Megan (pictured with Nala) captured a heated dialogue with a mother about how service dogs should not be petted. Since then, the clip has been viewed four million times.

Speaking to Pittsburgh, Action News 4 TV Channel, Megan said people with service dogs respond to public requests to pet dogs, almost daily.

‘They don’t know that they’re not supposed to talk to them and distract them. They think they can go, say hello puppy, and put on their face, and it can also mislead them even though we’ve trained them to ignore that. 

“I think another thing I’d like the public to know is that service dogs aren’t just people having physical disabilities or visible disabilities.” 

“Many people have service dogs specifically for things that aren’t visible, like seizures, diabetes, post-traumatic stress disorder,” Stoff said. 

Megan posted the video on Facebook, claiming that the mother “had no common sense.” She says she didn’t expect the video to be so viral

However, the woman shown in the video gave a different perspective on the events. 

In a written narrative to the news station, she said that Staff did not offend her and said no, said she decided to confront the group because some had told her to “F**k off” in front of her just 2 years old little girl.    

‘Me, My daughter and a friend were walking behind a crowd of people with dogs. I asked a woman if my daughter could pet her dog; she replied rudely. 

We accepted NO’s response and went to the Starbucks line for coffee when my friend and I heard a woman in the group tell us to “F**k off.” 

“My girl was being carried by me when a woman used bad words. 

‘I got off the Starbucks line to discuss my concerns about your blasphemy and clarifications. After this, the lady started recording me as shown. 

The mom said, as the video went viral on social media, she got several hateful messages on Facebook.  

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Written by Martin Schwartz

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