Meet Mel–a Dog In A Wheelchair Travels All Over The Country With His Photographer Dad

Everyone, meet Mel, a dog in a wheelchair who travels all over the country along with his photographer father.

Now, who would have thought that a dog that could barely walk would end up travelling all around the country?

Mel is an 8-year-old Pit Bull dog, was adopted from the Yonkers Animal Shelter by his father, Tom Dilworth.

Tom said: “We went to the Yonkers animal shelter to see another dog when we noticed Mel. I stopped for a moment when he put his head on my leg. Well, that was it! I was unable to look at any other dog in the shelter, Right after I decided to adopt Mel “

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Mel wasn’t in the wheelchair. Just after Tom adopted Mel, he noticed there was something wrong with his balance, and it is getting worse. So he immediately took him to a veterinary hospital for the checkup of his legs.

Image Source: Instagram hotrodmel

It turns out that Mel is affecting with a neurological disease that affects his balance. The condition isn’t painful for Mel, but it makes it a little hard to walk as like a normal dog. Tom didn’t get nervous, and he had decided that he will do something greater for his dog, so he ends up with a great idea.

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Then, to make Mel’s movement easier, his owner gave him a wheelchair. Thanks to Eddie’s Wheels for Pets!

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With Mel’s wheelchair, he can easily walk and run with his dad.

Image Source: Instagram hotrodmel

Here’s a video of Mel when he walked for the first time with a wheelchair!

Now that Mel has a wheelchair, he can travel all over the country with his father.

And he loves it. Mel enjoys accompanying his father wherever he goes.

Image Source: Instagram hotrodmel

And since his father is a professional photographer, he can go to beautiful and charming places!

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Although Mel loves to walk in his wheelchair, he also loves to travel for free!

Image Source: Instagram hotrodmel

And one thing’s for sure, Mel loves his life.

Image Source: Instagram hotrodmel

So you see, the shelter dogs aren’t broken. And everyone needs a chance to have a loving family and a happy life.
So whenever you decide to have a dog or a cat in your family, think about shelter animals first.

To get more beautiful photos of Mel and his father, you can follow them on Instagram.

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Written by Martin Schwartz

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