Man Who Tortured ‘Puppy Doe’ Gets 10 Years in Prison And Will Be Deported

There are some people around the globe who are physically fit and healthy but are mentally sick, we believe. They find pleasure in many worst things, one of the things is to torture an animal, specially stray one. In many countries there are no such laws and punishments about animal abuse, but many countries do take such crimes so seriously.

A man has been jailed, and is being deported, after being found to have abused a dog so badly that it had to be put down.

Polish citizen Radoslaw Czerkawski was convicted of abusing dog, a pit bull cross that is called “puppy DOE” in the media, and was sentenced on Tuesday, March 27 in Massachusetts.
The 37-year-old was found guilty of the crime after about five years, when the dog was found abandoned on streets, leading to tears of joy in the court.

Source: Justice for Puppy Doe/Facebook

Not only was czerkowski sentenced to “eight to 10 years” behind bars, he was sentenced to two years probation, banned from owning or coming into contact with any animals, and banned voluntarily at animal shelters, CBS Boston report.

Immigration officials stated that they will be deported Cherkasskogo as soon as he completes his sentences, and gave the detainee for him after his release, according to CBS new York.
Norfolk district attorney Michael Morrissey said the probation ” will not delay any removal from the U.S.”

Cherkavsky was found guilty of torturing and abandoning puppy DOE, but was cleared of lying to police about who was responsible for the abuse – he is already in jail for two unrelated theft convictions.

The case received public attention when the one-year-old dog was found on a Playground in Quincy in August 2013 with fractures to his skull, spine and rib, a stab wound to its right eye and a shattered tongue.

In the summer of 2013 cherkovski bought a dog named Kiya that her previous owners named Kiya.

Source: Justice for Puppy Doe/Facebook

His lawyer admitted his client owned the dog, but said it ran away and someone else was responsible for the abuse.

Animal rescue League (ARL) President Mary Nee said the court’s decision was “historic” and paved the way for stricter animal protection laws.

Patch report she said:

Today was a historic day for animal welfare in Massachusetts. Conviction and sentencing Radoslava Harkovskom it has been proven that people who commit cruelty to animals, and in this case, and the extreme violence would be brought to justice.
Ironically, the short and tragic life of the DOE puppy was the impetus for stricter laws protecting all animals in the Commonwealth, and there is still much to be done.

After the decision was posted on a Facebook site called “Justice for puppy DOE,” hundreds commented on talking about how the case affected them.

One wrote:

I will never forget the night I read the details of what he did to her…. it will haunt me forever. It changed me as a person, it made me fight more for animal rights. Puppy Doe did not die in vain… so much change for animals since that event… let’s keep at it. Harsher punishment for pieces of s**t. May he suffer a very long life.

Another wrote:

She is definitely NOT forgotten!! My heart breaks for her every time I see her name or her case. I’m so sorry precious kiya that you suffered so badly, but now let’s see what kind of justice is waiting for this POS waste of space behind bars!! RIP now baby girl. [sic]

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Written by Martin Schwartz


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