Lucky The Rescue Dog Wins Over The Internet With His Unique Markings

An adorable mix of Chihuahua has captured hearts all over the Internet with its unique look. Lucky, the rescue dog, is a 2-year-old Dog from Thailand.

It has some really distinctive features: two eyes of different colors and a single mark that resembles an eyebrow. When the images of the cute dog appeared on the Internet, many people couldn’t believe it was genuine.

Those characteristics are not the work of Photoshop. Charice Fca Cha said she saw that lucky was up for adoption after seeing a Facebook post. Charice was immediately drawn to him and contacted the owner of the dog.

She was ready to adopt Lucky, the rescue dog, and bring him to his family.

After taking him home, Charice posted a photo of Lucky in a community of dog owners on Facebook. I couldn’t believe that your post about your new rescue amassed 11,000 likes and hundreds of comments and shares instantly. Charice was shocked at how many people were fascinated by his gaze.

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img source: Instagram

Lucky is a one-of-a-kind dog. The 2-year-old Chihuahua blend has a unique appearance. He’s got a blue eye and a brown eye. Above its piercing blue eye is a mark that looks a lot like an eyebrow.

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img source: Instagram

“Some people don’t think this is the real eyebrow, they think I used a permanent pen to draw on their face, or I did a Photoshop,” Charice confirmed. “And I realize that it’s hard to believe that the dog can have a perfect eyebrow and, moreover, above a blue eye.”

Some people were worried that Lucky might have a problem with his eyes, as is the case with some dogs with eyes of different colors. 

Lucky is still adjusting to his new home. “He’s very naughty, hyperactive, nervous, scared of any sound and people, and a slightly aggressive, but I understand this is because he’s never met other dogs or other people,” Charice explained.

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img source: Instagram

One of the compromises he’s making is getting used to his fur brother, Harry. “Sometimes he bites Harry, my another dog,” Charice explained, “because Lucky is quite possessive of me.”

Lucky will receive help to facilitate socialization. “I’m thinking to send him to academy to learn to be sociable. Other than that, he is very comfortable, playful, intelligent, and listens to my orders.

As so many people were interested in Lucky, Charice decided to set up its own social media accounts. It has over 200 likes on Facebook and over 400 followers on Instagram.

Charice hopes fans will enjoy watching Lucky overcome some of his current problems and start living his best life. He has a way to go, but no one doubts that the special puppy can do it.

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img source: Instagram

Hundreds of Internet fans have become fond of Lucky in such a short time. A Facebook fan even decided to paint a fantastic picture of Lucky and hopes to paint more in the future.

Lucky is enjoying a lot of love, both at home and from online fans. Hopefully, you’ll feel all that love and support as you work on yourself and settle into your new home forever.

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