Lucky Pup Survives Getting Carried Away By A Flying Predator


We all can relate to this situation. It’s time for your puppy to go to the bathroom, so you let it out. A few minutes pass, so you call your pup. But imagine the fear if your little lover didn’t come back. For a dog lover, this scary tale came true. In Arizona, a sturdy 11-pound puppy survived being ripped from his foster home by an owl. Fortunately, he is currently recovering well.

Bonnie Ziegler let a 12-week-old Latte with her three siblings in the backyard of her North Scottsdale home in the morning. It was potty time, and playful puppies went around the corner and out of her sight. When she called them back, only three came back, and the Latte was nowhere to be seen.

Bonnie is raising puppies for Foothills Animal Rescue, a cage-free adoption center in Scottsdale, Arizona. According to her, she didn’t hear any voice, bark, and puppies. There was nothing to warn her of anything wrong.

Worried sick, Bonnie asked her neighbors to help her find the missing puppy. They used an app named as Nextdoor to spread the news throughout the local community. Bonnie and the concerned neighbors didn’t give up. Luckily, Someone found the little puppy at a nearby Golf course about 12 hours later.

Latte was discovered miles from home.

It was a group of golfers who found a weak little Latte. She was lying in the shade of a tree near the 16th hole of Troon Golf club. A golfer posted a photo of the injured puppy on the same social media network. Soon enough, Latte and Bonnie were reunited.

Bonnie immediately took the Latte to the vet. The little puppy needed treatment for dehydration as well as several injuries on her body. She had Talon marks that injured her neck and skull. Based on these markings, the vet determined it must be the owl that carried her off. Apparently, these incidents are common in the deserts of Arizona.

Cats and small dog breeds are often considered as prey for birds of prey. The Latte probably survived because of her weight as well as her fluffy coats. Of course, there is her incredible resilience that saved her life. She spent the weekend at the veterinary clinic and soon returned to her foster family to complete her recovery.

Due to the situation of her injuries, the veterinary care Latte added up to $ 4,500. Foothills Animal Rescue has asked for donations to help cover some of the bills. As a result, they received more than $6800 from about 150 donors. The surplus amount will be used to fund the veterinary costs of foothill giggles for some other rescues.

But Latte was still weak when she got home, she was happy. Foothills Animal Rescue wrote on behalf of Latte in a facebook post:

“Let me tell you, being picked up and carried off by an owl is no fun, but they tell me I’m making a speedy recovery. I still tire quickly and have a pretty “ruff” (see what I did there?) cough, but overall I am feeling fine.”

After about a week, Latte reported:

“My coughing has improved, and now that my throat feels better, I’m able to do more barking. WOOF! My lungs are also better, which means I can play for longer periods without getting tired.”

With so much deserved publicity, many have come forward to adopt this tough puppy. But, she is expected to stay with her foster family until she has made a full recovery. Rescue Shelter will post an announcement on social media if they ever need help finding a permanent home for her.

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Written by Martin Schwartz


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