Lost Dog Found Making Himself At Home In A Stranger’s House

On the tree hangs the announcement of the missing puppy.

A family in Michigan came home on Christmas night and found that the door of their house is open, and a surprise guest was resting on their couch in the house. They were not exactly sure how it happened, but the house invader wasn’t the type worth calling the police. It was a runaway dog named River, looking for a place to warm up.

A week ago, the dog disappeared from his new family’s home. Jean Strobel, the dog’s owner, did everything she could to bring her puppy back home. Strobel organized her entire community to be on the lookout for the dog and contacted the local animal recovery program, Lost Paws. Search groups toured nearby areas, and missing dog flyers were also placed on each message board and light pole.

Image Source: LostPaws LLC Facebook

The River was missing for seven days, His family did their best to find the dog and take him home as soon as possible, but it wasn’t a search party that eventually took the dog home. After defying the winter weather and looking for food, it looked like River was tired of getting lost. Instead of waiting to be found, he took matters on his paws.

When the Sluit family saw the hairy lump on their couch, they got shocked but “raccoon” was their first thought. The River had fur and all fours, but the family only took a second to realize the chance surrounding the invasion of the holiday homes. They recognized River from the photos posted in the neighbourhood and knew the dog belonged to the right home.

They called Lost Paws and quickly arranged a Christmas gathering. Despite previous reports that River was seen several miles away, he ended up breaking into a house in the path of his. The family is still not sure that how River managed to open the door and get in the house, maybe they forgot to close the door properly because this miracle had to be happen on this date, but they are happy to be able to help a frantic family and a lost dog find their way back.

The River is now safe at his home and trying his best to regain all the weight that he lost in the days when he was not at home or while searching for his home to the back. He needs to rest and some nutritious food, but he is recovering comfortably from his ordeal. Strobel does not let the wandering dog lose sight and is grateful to be able to welcome the new year with her dog, safe by her side, The new year would have been so different if this miracle had not happened.
But As we say: All’s well that ends well.

Story Source: LostPaws LLC Facebook

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Written by Martin Schwartz

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