[Video] Internet Falls In Love With this Little Girl and Her Special needs Dog

Dogs are one of the most beautiful creatures of the earth and are the man’s best friend too. There are uncounted stories of dogs and their owners as well as dogs with little kids.

The way kids love dogs, and the same dogs love kids too. We have seen many videos on the Internet in which a dog is protecting a kid of its family from many situations. This article is also about a cute bond between a little girl and a cute Great Danen Named as Echo.

Almost overnight, the Internet fall in love with these two gorgeous girls! 18-month-old Jenny and her Great Dane Echo wearing stylish sunglasses have just entered Internet fame!

Like any happy mom, Marion Dwyer captured photos of her daughter, Jenny, and the dog and shared with family and friends on Facebook. The media saw a video of the two walking down the street wearing sunglasses, and it has been shared millions of times on social media! The sight of a tiny toddler and a giant dog wearing their shades has fascinated people around the globe!

The videos are adorable, but the story of their family is even more pleasing.

Echo, a deaf Great Dane, was rescued from an abusive owner in Louisiana. When the dog was just about12 weeks old, her owner was preparing for her euthanasia due to her disability and did not care for her. She was starving, in arrears and took to eating stones in desperation for some food. When the Dwyers heard they had offered to adopt her, they took her to the vet and made her part of their family.

Jennie wouldn’t come along for another 2 ½ years, but Marion says that looking back, there were signs that she and Echo would be close. Echo is interested in baby bump Marion, will nuzzle her and spend a lot of time with her.


The moment Jenny got home, the Echo became her shadow! They have been best friends throughout Jenny’s life, spend time together, and Jenny takes her for walks. Even though she is childish, Echo trusts Her completely.

Who knew such a short clip could be so cute?! Some friendships just have to be, and this is definitely one of them! There are two other great Danes in the family, but it is clear that Echo has been Jenny’s dog since she was born.

Currently, Echo is going through the process of becoming a therapy dog so she can bring the same happiness to others as she has brought to Jennie.

Want to see more amazing photos and videos of Echo, follow @echothegreatdane on Instagram.

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Story Source: kare11.com

Featured Photo: Screenshot via Facebook/Marion Dwyer

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