Heroic Pit Bull Drags Baby By Diaper From Burning House Saving Whole Family

Most people around the world believe that pit bull is a terrifying breed of dogs; There is no doubt in it that this breed is so powerful and have a great strength comparing other dog breeds. But having great power doesn’t mean that this breed is not good with humans or kids. In real, pit bulls are some of the most affectionate and protective dogs breed. ‘Dog’s have a long history of being ‘life’s saviors in extreme situations, and pit bulls are no different.

It was just another night at Chaichanhda’s house. Everyone went to bed for sleeping, as usual, the parents in their room and their toddler in her place. What they didn’t know was an imminent accident and a heroic act that will be etched in their memory forever. The tragic turn of events that followed had a worse impact not only on the flat but also on residents.

When Nana’s apartment in Stockton, California was almost burning down from the flame, their 8-month pit bull became the family hero. Sasha, the dog was outside but started barking at Nana’s door, much (differently) than her character. She was anxious and quick to feel the fire in a neighboring apartment and quickly started yelling, trying to warn everyone about the fire.

Nana had never seen her beloved dog bark so hard like this. She knew that something was wrong. When Nana left her room, she realized there was a fire. Nana initially went to grab her daughter from the other room, just like any mother would. With the apartment on fire around her, Nana had to head to the place where her 7-month-old girl was.

She was surprised when she found Sasha there. In this chaotic situation, the heroic dog had caught up with the child even before the mother. Sasha had somehow managed to get into the sleeping baby’s bed and grabbed the waist of the baby’s diaper. She was determined to get her out of her bed and get her out of the apartment that could collapse at any moment. She persistently pulled the diaper when Nana saw them.

Nana rushed to grab her baby and pit bull as she ran out of the fire-ravaged apartment.

This heroic dog became a savior not only for its owner but also for the owner’s child. Sasha, the pit bull headed to get the child out of the room while Nana took them both after that. Not once did the dog hesitates to break through the fire to save a life.

Thanks to the loving and fearless pet, the family survived the difficulty. The fire left their living apartment, inhabitable. A cousin of Nana who lived in the same building also suffered the same fire. Together they now live with an aunt who resides in the same complex of buildings as them. The kind woman has welcomed them all and is also grateful to the pit bull for saving her granddaughter.

The Fire Department is still trying its best to investigate about the cause of fire in the building. The cause of the midnight fire that disrupted many of the building’s lives is yet to be determined.

The whole town is surprised by the great act of pit bull, while before this particular incident, most of them had little or no confidence in the dog. They seem to understand this dog breed better and have adopted it happily. Everyone praised Sasha, the Savior.

Nana admitted it quickly, “That Sasha’s act was so great, if she didn’t do it, I am sure, I would be sleeping still at bed and things could have gotten worse.” She talks about her gratitude and has plans for an excellent gift for the dear dog.

So the lesson of the story is, that pit bulls are safe for humans and kids as like all other dogs. It all depends on the training of the dog. A pit bull can be violent, and it can be a most humble dog as well. It all depends on how you raised the dog.

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Written by Martin Schwartz

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