[Video] Golden Retriever Service Dog Freaks Out At Disney World When She’s Introduced To Chewbacca

Dogs and fun? Both words have similar meaning at most of the times.

People who own a dog at their home will definitely relate to the above-written statement. Dogs are so playfull, The always want to play with their human parents and never get bored of it. And if they get tired after a great long session of playing, a little nap is enough for them to be ready for playtime again. Sometimes dogs do so much adorable things that we wish to capture and save them in our beautiful memories.

Every dog does cute things, but it’s rare for owners to catch beautiful moments in front of the camera. That’s precisely how Irving Walker and Libbi Mattick felt about Sparrow, their golden retriever.

Sparrow is an American Golden Retriever who lives in the UK and is training to become a serving dog. Its owners have an Instagram account that tracks their progress and shares it with the world. They recently took Sparrow on a trip to Disney World in Florida for a training program, and it was there that she and Chewbacca became friends.

Sparrow, a service dog, regularly does fun and sweet things, but Irving and Libbi had never captured their adorable moments on camera, that is until they went to Disney World.

Irving and Libbi went on vacation to Disney World in Orlando, Florida, in April. They visited several parks there, including the Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and the Magic Kingdom. While they were there, they also made sure to visit the new part of the Star Wars park.

Of course, Sparrow was with them throughout the holidays.

As she is a service bitch, she is allowed to stay with her owners in the park. That’s how Irving and Libbi captured an incredible moment between Sparrow and a Disney character.

While visiting the star wars attractions, Sparrow had the exclusive opportunity to meet Chewbacca one by one. 

Sparrow was able to take a break from work so he could play with the famous “Star Wars” character. According to the photos, Sparrow had the best moment of his life.

Chewie is not the only character Sparrow met at Disney World. Its owner shared a photo of the dog meeting Jessie from “Toy Story 2”, although that meeting was a little different. According to her post, “Sparrow was sure there was something wrong with Jessie (she was excited, so she covered her face a lot with her hands and Sparrow is trained to respond and interrupt by pushing and kicking). This puppy is just pure gold.”

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Watch the video to see the moment Chewbacca meets the adorable golden retriever!

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