Four Boys Save Skinny Abandoned Dog Tied With Bungee Cords


Dogs are great. They are such lovely faithful animals that it is heartbreaking to hear about anything wrong happening to them. But unfortunately, many sad stories are circulating online about dogs abuse. When it comes to stray dogs, it’s almost impossible not to want to step in and help. Here’s how the story happened.

It’s our pleasure to introduce you to four amazing children, 13-year-old Kenny Dancy, 11-year-old Kenneth Dancy, 7-year-old Kevin Dancy, and 7-year-old Andrew Daniels teamed up to save an abandoned dog, who was tied in a nearby yard.

These boys were helping a woman in their neighborhood, and they discovered something shocking: alone brown dog abandoned and tied to a nearby empty house with bungee cords.

It was clear that someone abandoned this dog, so the boys removed the bungee cords and freed the poor dog.

They gave her a new name Sparkles before taking her home. They took her to one of their home and gave her something to eat too and got her some Bologna then called the Detroit Pete rescue Crew, a local shelter in their area, to tell them about the Sparkles.

While they waited for a group to come to them from animal shelter, the boys played with Sparkles. In a short time, the dog got frank with all the kids and felt so happy with them.

Although Sparkle was underweight and had some hair loss on her rear end, she was more than happy to accept their food offers and then go outside to play.

When the Detroit pit Dog rescue Crew came to see the group, they quickly discovered what the boys had done. The founder of the rescue Teresa Sumpter tells WDIV:

You could tell they really love this dog. They really were protective of the dog and wanted to make sure the dog was going to a good place.

The boys weren’t ready to give Sparkle to rescue crew and forget about Sparkle. Since they’re already involved with Sparkle, they didn’t want to let her go without confidence that she would be fine.i

They asked the Detroit pit rescue Crew exactly what would happen to the Sparkles. When they were convinced Sparkles would be fine, they let the rescue team take her in.

The Detroit Pit Crew Rescue team were concerned that the dog might have a disease, but after they did some tests on the vet, they were relieved the medal knew she was negative. So they set to work on fixing it, cleaning it up and helping to give it weights.

It wasn’t long until Sparkles managed to find a new home. Thanks to the Detroit Pete rescue Crew and the boys who originally rescued her, Sparkles had the chance to be a loving and playful doggy in her forever home where she does she spend her life happily. Hopefully, in future, these boys will consider volunteering with animals. They’d be great at it. Glad Sparkles feels good and happy. She deserves it.

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Written by Martin Schwartz

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