Happy End! Formerly Abused Dog Gets A New Home and a Calling With Florida Sheriff’s Office

We all believe that dogs are the best friends of humankind. People who have dogs know the real feeling to have a dog around. Even some big companies allowed their employees to take their dogs at the office. It’s a meaningful relationship between a dog and its owner. 

But it really hurts when we see that someone hurt their dog or hurt a stray dog on some street. Most of the people even abandon their dogs, any of such situation changes everything in a dog’s life. Trust for its owner totally get shaken in a dog’s head, and it becomes hard for a dog to even trust somebody else ever again in the future.

This story is also about a dog who got abused and abandoned by someone in a worse way.

Florida Cur Dog was found with its snout taped closed. The pictures were graphic, and the story was so irritating. But just days after his rescue, the fate of Chance looks bright!

He is healing from his wounds and has found his house forever with one of his rescuers, Deputy Richard Castellon of the Lee County Sheriff’s office.

Not only will Chance accompany his new dad to work, but he has also been deputized and will work as the official “Pets on Patrol Spokes-dog.”

After the chase case, the Sheriff’s office promised to fight animal cruelty and work to expand penalties for offenders.

“Animals, they’re innocent,” Castellon told WINK News. “We can’t allow; we can’t sit back and let anyone hurt an animal.”

The reward for information leading to the arrest of Chance’s abuser is now approximately $ 17,000.

At the same time, Deputy Chance is living his soundest life. As his first official duty, he accompanied Sheriff Carmine Marseno to a ribbon-cutting celebration for the new roller skating center last weekend.

Later that day, he was at Lee County Sheriff’s Office’s Teen Driver Challenge, where young personalities honed their driving talents maneuvering through obstacle courses. The young Deputy was watching from a safe range, of course!

According to the Facebook page for the Lee County Sheriff’s office:

“When asked to explain his first day on duty, Deputy Chance stated, ‘ruff.'”

Don’t forget to follow the Department page to see where the Deputy chance is appointed next!

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