Heartbroken Dog runs away from home every day to Visits His Dad’s Grave

We all know that dogs are known as man’s best friend from day one of life. We can not even doubt the loyalty of dogs. If we say that dogs are the most loyal animals in the world, it will be no wrong.

Many times dogs proved their loyalty to their human parents, And if a dog sees that his human family member is in some life risk, then the dog will not even think once to risk his own life to save its family.

Here is a heart-touching story of a dog and its owner, man named Zafer St-RK

Warning: you probably won’t be able to read the whole story with dry eyes. If you’ve ever wondered about the relationship between a man and a dog, this story will leave you with no questions asked. It’s a testament to know how closely we bond with our dogs.

Faithful companion

In Ordu, Turkey, a dog is mourning the loss of his dad. It is the heartbreaking story of a loyal dog named Zozo, who mourns the loss of his dead human. This dog often visits the grave of his father.

When he was only one week, Zozo’s owner abandoned it. Fortunately, a man named Zafer St-RK adopted this dog. Zafer brought the dog to his home, where he quickly bonded with the puppy. As a result, they developed an intensely loving and loyal relationship.

In 2014, Zafer fell ill and died. It was a massive loss of Zozo. The first time Zafer’s family visited his grave, they realized the extent of Zozo’s mourning.

As soon as they arrived, the dog lay down on his father’s grave, crying with grief. Zozo tried to get as close as possible. From that day on, every time the family visited the grave, they brought Zozo with them. Zozo repeated its practice of lying with his father Zafer on his grave.

The family was so shocked after watching the act of dog Zozo.

They said: 

We’ve had a lot of dogs in our family, but we have never seen this type of behavior ever. Zozo is so much different type of dog,” said Zafer’s grandson.

Surprisingly, Zozo several times ran away from home, only to be found resting on his father’s grave.

We can’t lie; it’s heartbreaking to witness the loss of this dog in the video below. We take comfort in knowing that Zafer and Zozo can spend this time together. Watch the video and get your fabrics ready.

Dog Cries at His Owner's Grave Every Day

In the end, We would request our audience to do one most important thing, if you are willing to have a dog in your family, then prefer a shelter or abandoned dogs, they also have a right to be a part of a family, a forever family.

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Written by Martin Schwartz

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