Dog Took Physical Abuse For Woman So She Could Get Out Of The House

Dog Took Physical Abuse For Woman So She Could Get Out Of The House
Dog foot wounds problems in walking he sleep on wood bed.

There are reasons behind dogs that are being called a man’s best friend. We all have listened to many stories of dogs about their bravery and their deeds that they did for their human family.

If we say that a dog will prefer your life over his life in a dangerous or unstable situation, then it will be no wrong, and everyone will accept this statement.

A bond between a dog and its owner is explainable. For humans, they could have many friends and much else things to do over their dog. But for a dog, it’s only his owner. Dog’s whole world is all around its human owner.

Pet Shelter at Rose Brooks Center

What will you do if you see your mom beaten almost half to death with a hammer? Well for that 110 pound (ca. 50 kg) Great Dane, he decided to lie on top of his mom and protect her by taking the most punches from her abuser. As a result, he suffered many broken bones, including a broken hip and two broken ribs due to his heroic act.

Our great Dane named J Matthew was forcibly dragged into the streets, giving the young woman enough time to leave. She went to the police station nearby her home, and they arranged for her to seek refuge at the Rose Brooks center. Because of the critical situation of the woman, the Center opened its doors to its first animal to be subjected to domestic violence.

Monsters only win when there are no heroes to stop them doing bad things. J Matthew made sure he didn’t, and because of our heroic great Dane, rose Brooks center protected 36 more Pets and in 2012, they opened their first domestic animal abuse shelter. Watch and share this inspiring, moving story so that other abused women and children know that there is a haven like rose Brooks, not just for themselves, but for their beloved Pets.

There are many more stories like this, in which a dog risked his life for its human family. Things that dogs did till now or still doing for their human parents are totally incredible.

We can’t return all this but what we can do is to give a proper time to a dog, play with him, go for a daily walk with him, and love him as much as we can, the only purpose to do all this, is to make your dog realize that it’s not just dog who loves you but you also love him much. And make him realize that he is actually the part of a family.

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Written by Martin Schwartz


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