[Video] Depressed Dog Is Alone At Shelter For 2 Years, Then Recognizes A Familiar Smell

It’s so heartbreaking if you lost someone whom you really love so much, and the same feelings apply between a dog and its owner — the bond between a dog and its human parent in unexplainable. 

The article is about a dog who got lost from her owner and ultimately ended up in a dogs rescue center.

When Paquita first arrived at the El Arca Animal Partido de Mar Chiquita dog shelter in Argentina, staff heard she was found abused and abandoned in the streets.

Pacto was welcomed with open arms by the center’s volunteers, including volunteer Silvia Ferreira.

She remained in the orphanage for two long years. And in those two years, she became very lonely, depressed, and reserved. The chances of being taken grew slimmer as the days and months went by. It will always be passed on to young dogs.

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However, volunteers at the Arca Animal rescue center still went out of their way to find her a home. They decided to capture a picture of her so they could publish it on Facebook to provoke the interest of potential adopters.

However, this was not an easy task.

Pitka always cringed or moved when it was time to take a picture. But in the end, they got one that was good enough to put it online. She even looked like she was smiling a little.

“Immediately, the shelter gets a message from a woman saying that the dog was her son’s and that he had been looking for her!” Ferreyra told

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According to the woman, her son Ariel Naveira said he never thought he would ever see Paca again in his life. So, Naveria came to the rescue center the very next day to find out if Paquita was actually His dog. 

When they led her to the long-lost owner, she wasn’t sure it was him.

She hid behind one of the rescue center volunteers, and they tiptoed to sniff around. She smells around him a little bit, and you can see the exact moment she finds out it’s him. It’s such a sweet moment. She starts to whimper and whine a little and then overwhelmed with joy. She jumps on him and starts giving him lots of hugs and kisses.

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She then laid on the floor for a belly RUB and continues to whimper a little. She then starts jumping up and down and giving him kisses. After that, it’s more belly rubs.

Patkia was just so happy that she starts barking and whining again.

It’s like she’s crying tears of joy. You can hear everything in the background, commenting on how beautiful the moment was. It’s definitely a tearjerker. We are so happy that these two were able to reunite.

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