Dentist Gives Up Career To Save Lives Of Abandoned Dogs

The financial crisis in Greece has had a severe impact on the lives of the people living there. These crises not only affected people but many other animals as well. The damaging effects of the crisis on man’s best friend have been dominated by human suffering. As many Greek families find it challenging to handle their pets in this tough situation, so they gave priority to the family first rather than pets.

As a result, there was a surge in the abandonment of dogs by their families. Many people have decided to abandon their pets, including dogs and cats in the forest, so they can save money and can keep their family circle moving.
But there was a man among many others who deeply affected by the plight of these helpless street dogs, So he took great responsibility to do something big. His act remind us about the great humanity!


How it all started

A dentist, Theoklitos Proestakis, also known as Takis, lived in the town of Ierapetra on the Greek island of Crete. It was his surprise visit to the landfill brought him face to face with the terrifying sight of numerous starving, wounded, sick, and dying dogs. He began to bring food and water to these helpless dogs, helping them gain their strength. Theoklitos even asked his friends to help him in this cause, so they all can make a significant change together. Theoklitos even asked friends to do some favours to provide medical assistance to these dogs and cure them.


But the apathy of people in the area who threatened to kill the dogs causing trouble prevented Theoklitos from continuing his excellent work.

The Takis Shelter

Without scaring, he came up with a plan. Four years ago, Theoklitos created the Takis Shelter as a safe place to take care of these abandoned dogs. The shelter consists of 33,000 meters of private olive groves. Rescued dogs find a haven for healing, gain strength, run to freedom, and play in this shelter.


Things were not easy for this kind of soul. Along dealing with complaining neighbours, Theoklitos had to look for ways to cover the rising costs of caring for many helpless and sick dogs. He had already left his job and decided to face an enormous task of feeding and caring for the dogs under his care. He was in a tough situation at this time, and he had two options, First one was to leave everything here and second was to take many significant steps for these animals. And as we can imagine, He decided to go with the second option.


Teoklitos had to sell his house and car to pay for the shelter. Today he lives in a tent, which he created, sharing his life and food with the dogs he saved.


Over the years he became known about the excellent work he was doing. Friends and strangers are now reaching out. With all the support of Takis Shelter is thriving today. Now there is a new wing for abandoned dogs and cats.

Over the past four years, Theoklitos has saved the lives of more than 300 animals and re-settled about 200 people. He continues his rescue work, searching for abandoned dogs to protect them from alleys, landfills, and Dumpsters.


Teoklitos hopes to continue to give abandoned animals hope and chance for a better life.

You can learn more about the Takis Shelter or make a contribution by visiting their Facebook page.

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Written by Martin Schwartz

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