Common Dog Behaviors and the Meaning Behind his Moods

Mixed breed dog digging holes beach searching for crabs. Sandestin, Florida

Your dog does communicate with you, and we will tell you what the most common behaviors are and what they mean.

The dogs can not speak, but they say a lot with their behavior. They do try to communicate with you, and you have to learn to identify the signals they give you. 

If you are not very attentive to what your dog wants to tell you, we will leave the ten most common behaviors of dogs. Check out the list:

1. Blink or squint his eyes

If your dog has this reaction, it means he wants your attention. If you notice that your pet is doing this action, it is because you have been a little busy these days. Run and give him lots of love!

2. His barking starts to rise

If you notice that your puppy has a low bark that gradually becomes stronger, it is because he wants to play with you.

3. Wait for your approval

If you suddenly realize that your hairy is watching you, it is because he is about to do something and is asking you to approve what he wants to do. This says a lot about your dog because it shows that he respects you and wants your opinion.

4.Tongue outside

If your pet has its tongue out (not panting), it is because it is very relaxed and happy.

5.When he stares at you

More honey and honey! If your dog stares at you, it is not to intimidate you. It is because he is telling you to give him many kisses and hugs.

6.Upside Down

If your puppy is lying upside down and half twisted, it is because he feels relaxed, independent and very sure of his surroundings.

7. “Superman.”

If your furry sleeps in Superman’s position, it means that he is an animal with a lot of energy and that he is tired. Puppies usually sleep like this.

8. Low growl

If the dog is growling softly, it’s because he feels scared or intimidated.

9. Showing teeth, growling and ears back

It is quite obvious to know that your dog is upset and aggressive, but it is always good to remember it.

10. Puppy eyes

When your puppy puts on the most tender eyes, that means he is telling you that he loves you very much. On different occasions, we have been able to hear that they do that because they want to “dominate” you, but it is not like that, he is telling you that he loves you.

11. Bad Breath

Dogs aren’t known for having some kind of minty breath, but if you feel a big change in your dog breath, it might be time to take him to the vet. There might be something wrong with your dog’s oral health.

12. Yawning

Although you might think your dog needs some sleep, a dog yawn does not normally mean that he’s tired. He may be interested in taking a nap, but he could also be showing a sign of anxiety or stress.

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Written by Martin Schwartz

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