A Dog’s Loyalty: He Waited Roadside for 7 Days Because His Owner Said, “Stay


I do not doubt that dogs are indeed humanity’s best friend. Faithful and loving in every possible way.

A well-trained dog often responds well to the basic commands “sit” and “lie down,” but getting the Dog to listen to the command, “stay,” is not so easy. Your Dog may stay for a moment, but they are usually just too eager to stay by your side than they should stay put for the sake of obedience. So yes, if a dog that remains “stay” until you release from your command are incredibly loyal to their owner.

Luke’s Dog’s undeniable devotion to his master is perhaps one of the most potent examples of a dog’s loyalty, and it’s heartbreaking to realize how little love and respect his owner offered in return.

In Moscow, a small group of people sat in a restaurant and watched as a man dropped his German shepherd on the side of the road.

He commanded the Dog to stay.

Then the man drove away.

The man never came back to see or to take his dog back.

“A woman who worked nearby saw it happen,”

Meredith Andrew, a Canadian woman who heard about Luke’s plight on Facebook. She tried to make him move, but he won’t.”

Seven days later, a woman named Elena Knyazeva, alone on the side of the road, convinced the dog somehow that this was not the life he owed.

Elena brought Luca to the shelter where the other dogs lived. Dogs who had a heartbreaking past, like Luke.

At the shelter, Luke learned something much better than “stay.” Jumping happiness.

Luke jumps for joy.

Indeed, Luca was so happy to be among the people – and dogs-who cared for him, the fog kept playing, jumping and his paws never seemed to touch the ground.

Being around other dogs and people who cared about him was the key to unlocking Luke’s happiness. Luke knew his worth.

So, what’s next for happy, Bouncing Luke?

Luka is going to fly to Canada soon, and there the dog will start a new and happy life.

Along with his dog friend, Dennis, Luke will fly to Toronto, Canada in May to start his new life in foster care!

This is definitely one big leap!

Happy dogs, Luke and Dennis.


Thanks to the tireless efforts on both sides of the pond in the world, aka the oceans that divide Russia and Canada, Luke and Dennis, and their fate is in the hands of Helen Antoniou. Helen is the founder of Reason 4 Paws, and she has made an appeal to the world to help and fund the trip. Transporting two puppies from all over the world is not a small task, but if anyone is up to make it happen, it is this organization!

Well, Luke’s spent enough time waiting, but the difference this time is he’s not expecting a broken heart. He expects a better life, pure happiness. Real happiness that every dog deserves!

Before abandoning a pet, one must think that for a pet, only you are his whole world. So be careful and don’t destroy someone’s world.

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Written by Martin Schwartz

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