[Video] 2-Year-Old ‘Wolf Dog’ Sees Military Dad For First Time In Months, Then Goes Absolutely Bananas

Life of a military person and an ordinary person is so different, and the main difference is that a person that is spending a simple life goes to work at day time. Comes back home at evening, meet the family again, and spend quality time with them, then sleeps at its bed. Enjoys one or two days off in a week, get relaxed, and circle remains continuous.

But if we talk about a military person, Most of the time in his life, he stays far from its home, family members and even from pets.

But when a military person comes back home, it’s a great surprise for the family members and even a great pleasure for the pets.

The story is also related to a military person and its dog.

A two-year-old “wolf” named Indus got the surprise from his human dad, returned home as a surprise for the holidays, who had been absent for two and a half months during his military training, 

Morgan Extom, Devin Extom’s partner, filmed an emotional reunion at Devin’s parents’ home in Northwood, New Hampshire, during the holidays. The Indus, which is a mixture of husky, malamute, and tree wolf, is undoubtedly excited about the reunion. In the video, you can see him slowly approaching Devin, and then when he realizes that his dad is home, he becomes bonker completely!

Morgan, 24, a medical biller, said: “Devin was so happy and amazed at the love that Indus gave him when he realized it was him.”

“I cried with the rest of the family,” she continued. “He’s been in the army for less than a year and goes for 10-plus weeks at a time.”

Oh! What an emotional reunion really is! We all know that having a loved one in the army is hard for everyone – even for our favorite four-legged friends.

“He’s leaving again on January 3, this time for nine weeks,” Morgan told Caters News.

Although Devin is leaving for another military job, we are glad that the whole family was able to hold a pleasant and emotional reunion for the holidays.

Indus doesn’t know when his father holidays will be over, but the day he will go for work again, Indus will surely find him everywhere in the house and will definitely miss his dad so much again. 

Dogs have a great feeling of love in their heart. People say that humans can forget other persons, or even their loved once, at some time in life. But a dog never forgets its human parents or anyone whom they loved once in their life.

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img source: Wolf Dog

For a dog, its human parents become its whole world. We all must give proper time to all our pets, and must take care of their little things and needs.

Let’s share the cute story of Indus with your loved once.

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